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Dutch Oven Trivet - TRDO

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Dutch oven trivet is perfect for keeping your hot Dutch oven up off the table surface. Protect your surfaces by keeping your hot Dutch oven, kettle, or lid up off the table. The nickel-plated steel is strong and provides stability while holding hot ovens. Use this trivet as a convenient place to hold the dutch oven lid while checking on your meal. With an 8-1/2 in. diameter, this trivet supports your hot oven with three legs. Three circular steel rings are spaced approximately 1-1/2 in. apart, allowing room for the legs of your dutch oven to fit through for a secure fit.


Dutch Oven Trivet

Construction: Nickel-plated steel

Three circular steel rings supported by 3 legs

Raise a dutch oven approximately 2 in. above surface

Keeps dutch oven or lid off a table surface

Diameter: 8-1/2 in.

Pairs with any of our dutch ovens or cast iron pans.