Conquest Scents Orange Stink Stick - 1504

Conquest Scents Orange Stink Stick - 16002

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 Premium fiberglass “flow-through” wick allows more air flow, scent disbursement!
Air tight tapered threads (instead of O-rings) keeps scent fresh!
Leak-free design; safe for your pack!
Works in sub-freezing temperatures!
Rugged design for long lasting performance


The Stink Stick is a class act. Made completely in the United States, it offers hunters what other scent dispensers don’t, complete scent usage. This means that when you use real, more expensive liquid scents such as VS-1 or EverCalm, worrying about the scent spilling or it’s storage becomes a thing of the past.
Stink Stick is an innovative and more efficient way to dispense liquid scents. Unlike cotton and felt wicks, Stink Stick’s replaceable, fiberglass wick allows more air flow to disburse scent. And, Stink Stick’s air tight, rugged container keeps your scent fresh.